Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dear Oprah Show Day 32

So I'm kind of bummed. Yesterday after I sent you an email about sending me some tickets to an upcoming show (not to mention the emails I sent the 30 days prior to yesterday), as I was hitting submit something caught my eye. It was a box that said "Be on the Show"...I clicked on it, and I saw another box that said "The reservation window is currently closed. Please continue to check back for updates on when the April reservation window will be open". How did I miss this very important box all this time?!? I will keep writing you to let you know how much I would love to come see a show...but I'm kind of thinking right now maybe this is all kind of pointless. Maybe there is no other way to get tickets, other than to be lucky and looking at that box at the right time :(.

If for some reason this email finds it's way into a vortex of unread emails...I'll send you another one tomorrow. If you didn't happen to see my email yesterday you can find it here -http://dearoprahshow.blogspot.com/

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